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Through The Red Door (2011) - short
Women Don't Fall From The Sky (2011) - pilot
Race Blenders (2010) - web short
After Grace  (2010) - short
Wheel of Knowing (2009) - feature
Indelible (2009) - short
Live and Try in LA (2009) - short
Toy Soldier (2008) - short
Acquired (2008) - short
Dead Trees (2008) - feature
Dumblings (2007) - short
The Mailbox (2006) - short
The Kiss (2006) - short
Stoopid Heroes (2005) - short
El Curandero (2004) - short
Hidden In Her Heart (2000) - musical
John n’Juliet (1998) - musical


2011 FILM SCORE COMPOSER "Through The Red Door" is a thrilling neo-noir and features a haunting score that harkens back to Hitchcock. Also written and directed by Josh Johnson.

2011 FILM SCORE COMPOSER This Chinese TV pilot features eclectic folk and pop elements that highlight the unconventional lead in his quest to find love.

2010 FILM SCORE COMPOSER The short romantic comedy "After Grace" has a dreamy, romantic score that highlights the ups and downs of a long distance relationship.

2009 FILM SCORE COMPOSER The feature "Wheel of Knowing" is a comedy drama about a young mother who takes care of her mentally deteriorating father. The music is both quirky and somber, playful and tragic.

2009 FILM SCORE COMPOSER "Indelible" is a short film set in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 17th century. The music is sparse and ambient with middle eastern overtones.

2009 FILM SCORE COMPOSER "Live and Try in L.A." is a dark comedic score that combines easy-listening elevator music and Spaghetti Western whips and whistles.

2008 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Composed music for short film by Alissa Chiaravanond, "Toy Soldier" (Festival de Cannes' Short Film Corner 2008), utilizing a fusion of western and eastern instruments.

2008 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Wrote haunting score for "Acquired" by Desmond Faison, a drama
about relationships, friendships and AIDs.

2008 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Scored Huy Chheng's "Dead Trees", a drama/psychological thriller about lost love, obsession and regret.

2007 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Wrote a quirky score for the dark comedy "Dumblings."

2006 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Composed a subtle but emotional score for piano, orchestra and Chinese copper-reed flute as the sonic backdrop for a dysfunctional family of immigrants in "The Mailbox."

2006 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Wrote classical/pop fusion score for short romantic comedy "The Kiss" and wrote and performed the theme song “With A Kiss.”

2005 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Scored music for short, children’s comedy/fantasy, "Stupid Heroes."

2004 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Scored music for short supernatural thriller, "El Curandero," winner of the Iron Sharpens Iron film festival best picture award in 2004.

2003 FILM SCORE COMPOSER Commissioned to compose music for Azusa Pacific University’s Common Day of Learning Seminar: an instrumental piece combining electronic, ethnic, and orchestral instruments that complemented two short film vignettes: "The Fall" and "Resurrection."

2000 MUSICAL PRODUCTION, composer, lyricist, and director of Hidden In Her Heart. Wrote musical score, book, and music and lyrics of 12 songs for one-act musical. Orchestrated, arranged, and recorded music for score and songs.

1998 MUSICAL PRODUCTION, composer, lyricist and book writer of John n’ Juliet. Wrote musical score, book, and 26 songs for three-hour musical.