Joshua Johnson has been composing music since he first began piano at the age of ten. By his senior year in high school he had written the book, lyrics and music to a 2 1/2 hour musical and proceeded to direct and co-produce two successful nights of the show. Years later, he continues to create music that tells a story. 

Josh Johnson grew up in the college town of Eugene, OR. As a child he enjoyed putting on "shows" and writing music. At the age of ten, he began to take piano lessons which opened him up to a world of musical composition. In his late teens he wrote and directed a musical for the stage before heading to California to get his commercial music degree at Azusa Pacific University.

 As a self-proclaimed "cinephile," Josh's love of film and his skill at composition has created an enthusiastic film composer. He is trained in classical orchestral composition but his musical palette is diverse and eclectic. Johnson has written for Chinese, Middle Eastern, African, Andean, and Aboriginal instruments as well as rock rhythm section and synths.With his partner at Ostrich Colony Films, Christopher Kyle Kelley, Johnson has brought his love of film to the next level and begun making his own films.

"Josh Johnson is a talented composer, with a positive, upbeat, non-intrusive attitude. One who’s knowledge and professionalism is on par with anyone around. I would highly recommend Josh artistically, professionally, and personally to anyone." (Desmond Faison, director)

 "Josh has always been dedicated to making the best music and making sure that the director and producers really like the music. I really don't know where I would be without him. He is a valuable team player." (Huy Chheng, director)

"Josh [is] the most awesome composer I've worked with...I know that I can take a deep breath and rely on [Josh] to create a masterpiece...That alone is worth more than words can express! I certainly look forward to our next project together." (Sa Chiaravanond, director)